Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Young Labeled 'Entitlement Generation'

Corporate managers have given the title of 'Entitlement Generation' to the new crop of young people coming into the job. In return young people have given the title 'Sell you ass down the river,spend your 401k and file bankrupty, bloated and overpaid imbeciles Generation'.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cities, Homeowners Clash Over Land Rights

The recent decision favoring cities and developers regarding the use of eminent domain was explained by Supreme Court Justice Scalia. "We had just received the first season of Matlock on DVD and wanted to squeeze in a couple of episodes before calling it a day. So we flipped a coin, O'Connor is just pissed because she called tails. It's like I always say..You can't go wrong with head."

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bill would allow "intelligent design" to be taught in public school

With experts on both sides debating whether the creationist theory of"intelligent design" should be taught in public schools, supporters of intelligent design admit that the existence of Newt Gingrich does poke a huge hole in their theory.

Senate Dems Want Consult on Court Pick

Senate Democrats urged President Bush to consult with them on any nominations for the Supreme Court. When informed of this by White House adviser Karl Rove President Bush responded with "Dude, WTF? Are these guys for real?".

"Which Governor is that?"

Special Session of Texas Legislature begins to take its toll. A republican member of the House Ways and Means Committee forgets who is Sith Governor of Texas.